About me

I strive to foster resilience, collaboration, compassion and creativity in forest school, maker space and garden environments. Our “classroom” offers an emergent learning environment rich in self directed open ended play, tactile experiences, vestibular growth opportunities, and of course lots of creeks, sticks and mud.

Early childhood is the perfect time to learn the tenants of design thinking (empathy, problem definition, ideation, prototyping and testing). The more I observe children the more I realize how early our brains lay the foundations for a lifetime of design.

My core aptitude is information product design. My passion is decision design, the art of packaging relevant data as intuitive content so users can make effective decisions. I use drawing, data synthesis and facilitation skills to simplify complexity and transform big epics into bite size stories.

Striking a balance between collaboration and independent work is my management mantra. Design sprints and makerspace are critical to innovation, but people need to delve into the details of work to properly implement solutions. Given the aptitudes of team members, I adapt design thinking and agile to create successful work environments.

Over 20 years I have become an expert in fintech design, building products for the investment management, private/retail bank, family office, RIA, impact measurement and SROI spaces. In addition to product design, I am comfortable with executive communications, client experience and design administration.