Maples and Mums

Offspring slept in.  I took advantage this stolen time to snap some shots of the cottage garden ebbing from fall to winter.  I love the effect of cheap mums and maple leaves.  This opulent combination provides the snap of color that I need to sink into momentarily.  As  we come to and fro note the light on the hues, and the moisture on the petals.  During long conference calls I stand at the bedroom window and indulge in the autumn quilt. I think these are cayenne peppers.  They last well into December, and add a nice touch for the upcoming holiday season. This fall we mixed lettuce and mizuna in with our decorative plantings.  The farmer in me thought this was a silly idea, but actually we have gotten a high yield out of them, and the copper of the Oak Leaf is charming next to the purple blooms. Our Anna's hummies are very busy at the feeder, but they have been partaking in the pineapple sage a fair amount.  I often see them nip in for a sip and then perch above the Cayennes on the orange tomato cage.  They are such tiny busy creatures, it always gives me pause when they rest and let their guard down.  They force me to disengage, and reflect on my own productive life. I love end of season Chard.  It is so flavorful.  As much as I love the leaves, I also love the hacked off stems, testament to a summer rich in nutrients.

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  1. Tom Booth Says:

    Lovely writing Alis. I normally never look at blogs, but Bertie encouraged me to read October and November. You convey a sense of calmness that my Mom would have loved. Thank you. Tom

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