Sad Morning Retrospective

Dear Seth,

Yesterday was a sad morning.  But it didn’t stop you from producing a masterpiece.  You even went to the paint cabinet and selected big boy craft paint.  None of this washing out business, you were determined to set your feelings permanently on paper.  Your subject remains unknown, but the recipeint of the painting was announced with complete resolution, “this is for Anne”.  Anne ~ beloved baby sitter and favorite neighborhood mommy.

I am busy whipping up breakfast without love – always a bad idea.  Potatoes and dandelion greens.  A little night shade with my liver cleanse.  And some paprika.  A little fire for my atonement.

Meanwhile you are very busy mixing.  Such a deep green water dish.  It reminded me of water in a dream, or a magic potion.  It felt like you were stirring in solidarity and I flipped potatoes and greens and reflected on our empty morning.

Ah the camera, “just one photo” you say.  I oblige because you are such a breath of fresh air.  Only you can catch this look in my eye.  Only you can capture mommy gazing in pure admiration.  It’s almost unnerving.  I don’t see myself this way, I don’t look at myself in a mirror and receive this look of content.  Keep taking my photo! Love + Mommy

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