Birthday Party Propaganda

SCENARIO: Seth is turning 4.  He is planning a WWseF Wrestle Mania birthday party.  When I say *he* I am not kidding.  The guy is on a mission, or at least a process.  He spent 2 blissful hours on Monday cutting up ribbon and organizing the fairy stones for the fairy stone hunt.  He carefully drew a map with a highlighter pen on tissue paper that showed where in the yard the fairy stones were going to be hidden.  He is planning on directing and showing everyone where to hunt.  You will notice that everything is pink yes, pink is Seth’s favorite color…pink stencils, pink treat bags, pink balloons, pink cupcakes etc.

Since the invitation says that Seth would like to celebrate his 4th year by whacking his friends with a pillow…well I decided that pillows would be the best favor of all.  So we high tailed it over to Ikea (which is on my “avoid like the plague” list) and bought lots of cheap pillows.

A la Shep Ryder came up with this brilliant stencil. He even captured Seth’s tell tale “squint”.  He added the wrestling mask because Seth commonly stops mid wrestling match to remove a pillowcase from a nearby pillow and fashion it over his head claiming it is a pirate mask.  He then tells his opponent not to move because he can’t see, and he proceeds stumbling toward them with his arms in front of him.   My favorite WWseF evolution is the WWseF Hug.  We both stand at opposite ends of the room posturing and making grunting noises then we run towards each other and grapple one another in a power hug with crowd cheering sound effects.

PS Don’t tell the kids about the pillows, and yes Damon we ripped off your Chas Tag idea.