Fund Raising

Last Night was our preschool fund raiser. The theme was “A Night Under the Big Top”.  Props to all my crew Shiloh, Cathy, Melissa and Glen!  There was some debate about the impact of the “ring of fire”, but frankly I thought it rocked and really set the tone.  And don’t forget to check out the book case by the Pecks in the first photo.  Cathy’s dad made it, Cathy painted it and it sold for 700 bucks!

My individual contribution was the signs.  Either I am getting older or I’m simply out of practice, because after a few days of making signs I was exhausted.  Drawing and painting that much made me feel as if I had run a marathon (I don’t remember feeling this tired in college).  Needless to say, kicking back on the deck and drinking a beer with my carpool partner could not have been sweeter.

Cathy picked up a book of old circus posters from the library.  I really liked the graphic quality of this tiger.  However, my favorite process was mimicking the old fashioned wood block letters on the big signs.  The inspiration for the play structure came on Tuesday when Martina was sick and I took the boys to school.  The food sign worked out really well.  Almost as well as Chef Willie’s yummy treats.  Although I have to say my favorite was the caramel corn – thanks Lori Rose!

This is Betty Peck and her husband.  Betty founded our school in the 1950’s.  I love the fact that they come to the auction every year.  She gave a lovely speech that said in short – the greatest gift is to see the seed that you planted blooming before your eyes.  Hanging around Betty makes me feel like a part of something much larger.  She has made such a profound impact on so many important people in my life.  I can’t thank her enough.

OK – I’m not done yet.  Aimee your chicken shirts rock!  Marie, Poppy and Tallulah really take one for the team pretty much everyday.  We can’t thank them enough for their patience and forbearance of beak.  Immortalizing them on a t shirt was a great idea and the execution was perfect.  Speaking of perfect, I have send one last nod your way on the kissing guinea pigs – well done!

And of course, the star of the party Hansen #3 Cutest Littlest Sister ever!  Forget the signs, look at those adorable chubby cheeks!  I hope we roped in the dough, because myself and many others sure put the love out there.