Man Cave Remodel


Man dens can be quite dingy and disorganized.  Since I spend two weekends a month at Ryder’s, I decided that was enough time to warrant an intervention.  The house is fashioned of slump stone with concrete floors.  Overall it has a very 70’s vibe.  However, there are a few saving graces like the awesome sun room where I have my office, and the retro Heath tile counters in the kitchen.  After spending a year frequenting this place the house finally spoke to me.  It had to be fresh green, it called for graphic nature and bright white.

The little side table was a Calderon cast-off in sort of a dark cheapo mahogany.  I painted it white (all ID Grads cover your ears) and in the same stoke distressed the paint with a sander.  It holds the room together nicely.  It adds that feminine touch that all caves really want but are too proud to come out and ask for.  The bed got a complete makeover.  I even made the trek to IKEA for the right pillows at the right price.  After letting them off-gas  I clothed them in Herb by Jessica Jones.  I found an abandoned white sheet set in a closet, and quickly got those laundered.  There is a dark dusty fireplace here too, so I found the fire screen outside, I cleaned it thoroughly and whipped up a little mosaic to cover it…ta-da instant dinge-be-gone.  The fabric is mainly Green Pressed Leaves By Erin McMorris.  I thought this pattern best reflected the spirit of the house, but I had to turn it on the bias anyway.  The best surprise of all was all the little ceramic plates that appeared here and there as I sorted through the detritus.  The artist is Pat Oyama.  Her work is has a light earthy quality.  Now that they are all hung together on their own wall we can properly admire each piece, it’s own little visual poem.