Mommy & Me Dragons


Dear Seth,

My new years resolution was to make sure that I documented your impressive dragon preoccupation.   I draw the outline and you fill in the colors.  Sometimes I help with the colors too, it’s something we do together.  It started on the day of the ALS fund raiser.  You were anxious and fidgety waiting for our “performance” were we spoke to the guests about Grandma Belle.  This was our first stab at dragon therapy.  It evolved from there as a sort of transition activity.  The tradition of coloring dragons on legal pad in sharpie emerged from a moment where we were waiting for our carpool, and you suggested we draw a dragon using the materials floating around in the car.  After that, dragon drawing morphed into an an activity indicative of transition times.  Times when you had too much unfocused energy, or times when you were tired and scattered and needed a bit of paper to lay it all out on.


The wall above your bed is covered in dragons, each of them a little slice of your emotional being.  We tried new techniques of coloring the dragons.  In the photo below “Elbowy” and “Closey7” are partly colored with flower petals.  And of course every one’s favorite “Scratchy” the scratch board dragon.  Scratch-boarding was incredibly appealing to you.  I guess you liked the process of coloring really hard with a big black crayon, then taking a letter opener to the canvas and undoing what you had just done with equal intensity.  When you found out that I was planning on working on a Boy’s Almanac header you politely insisted that we do it in scratch board.  You then proceeded to art direct the entire project from start to finish.  It was neat to see you take creative initiative.  Partly because you have seamlessly picked up the art of creative leadership, but mostly because not in a million years would I have been motivated to come up with these wonderful creatures on my own.


The day that you found the giant piece of Ikea cardboard and announced that it was high time we start making the  “pin the fire on the dragon” dragon was simply the best.  We must have worked on it off and on for at least a week.  Me coloring a bit haphazardly, and you directing me with gentle specificity.  As usual you started planning your fire party well in advance this year.  The dragon was finished at least a month before the party.  You were quite diligent about taking me to Affordable Treasures  and Michael’s to make sure we had just the right party favors.  You were even flexible when we went to the Nob Hill last minute and brought home a blank frozen cake.  You rose to the occasion and art directed Ryder in the process of squeezing out a frosting dragon, complete with fire truck and ladder to douse the flames.


I may never remember any of the imaginary dragon play scenarios from the last 4 months, but I will always remember your legal pad dragons.  Thank you for the fabulous “Autumn of the Dragon”.

Love + Mommy