Rites of Passage


Dear Seth,

This week was all about rites of passage.  You asked confidently and we let you have at it.  You started with Yousef’s shirt.  Last week we got two bags of hand me downs for him.  You immediately got out the fabric paint and proclaimed that you were going to decorate them.  You did a few samplers last week, but Monday was masterpiece day!  Aside from taking painting  initiative, you have become very responsible about your permanent paint.  You organize it all into specific boxes and fastidiously store it on the top of the dryer so that “the little kids” will not get into it.

firemankeykeysOn Tuesday you marked your fire engine keys.  This activity was undertaken with the utmost seriousness.  The application of “toe polish” is a grave responsibility.  It musent touch the skin and it’s not to be wasted.  I can’t remember the last time I saw you so focused.  However, I was not surprised, fireman business is serious and you are a consumate professional in all aspects of fire management.


Wednesday was the “moment of truth”.  You asked Mattie “mano a grandmamo” if you could paint the play house permanent burgundy *.   She was very level and said she trusted your best judgement, and was sure you would paint something wonderful.   Well you carefully painted a row of shinges and the interior of the dutch door.  It turned out to be more of a union job.  In fact when I came over to photograph, you said, “Mommy there are no cameras allowed on this building site, it bothers the workers”.


I retreated, but not after stealing a few shots paparazzi style.

Love + Mommy

* Grandma Jan introduced Seth to the color burgundy… thanks Grandma Jan it’s been a lovely addition to our spectrum of pinks and reds!