Stone Soup and Preschool Herb Garden Kits


“Soup from a stone – fancy that!”

Choose from one of three classic renditions of the stone soup tale donated by Leigh’s Favorite Books in Sunnyvale: Stone Soup by Jon J Muth, Marcia Brown, Ann McGovern.  Your kit will include a “stone” in it’s own hand made pouch lovingly crafted my Mama Alis and Grandma Bertie.  Two packets of organic, easy to grow seeds.  Mixed carrot featuring different color carrots like purple.  Pole beans that can be added fresh or dried to soup.  Last but not least, this kit includes a healthy celery plant that will add incredible flavor to all your stone soups!


This herb garden kit features plants, stone plant markers, preschool friendly recipes and a hand made lavender pocket.  Plant an herb garden with your child that he/she can harvest herbs from and cook into dinner: Chives, Sage, Oregano, Peppermint, Lavender.  This kit comes with one recipe card for each herb, on one side of the card is an easy to follow recipe that involves the help of the child.  The other side of the card is a pictorial version of the recipe illustrated by Seth Whitman Mountain school alumni.  The name rocks are illustrated with matching drawings as the recipe cards so that your preschooler can easily identify which herb to “harvest”.  Your kit will include a lavender pocket hand made by Mama Alis and Grandma Bertie.