“The Artist Who Plays Baseball”

Dear Seth,

You have been very interested in identities lately.  No so much venturing speculative “when I grow up” scenarios, but confidently delivering unequivocal statements.  The other day you spent 20 minutes sorting through your art gear.  You selected a few tempera and finger paint colors, and announced that you were going to use some permanent paint as well.  I tried my best to stay casual about this serious self starting effort.  When I suggested I set up the easel you firmly said “no thanks”, and proceeded to set up a low table made out of stools on which you placed your painting pad.

Your manner of painting was nothing short of manly and evoked a 1950’s action painting vibe.  It involved lots of globing on of paint and broad physical strokes.  You applied pigment with both the roller and the brush.  You discovered that the roller could be banged against the paper to make dotted texture and that seemed really satisfying.  Just when I thought you were completely engrossed in your work you stopped and stood up. You announced with the utmost inner resolve, “I am the artist who plays baseball”.  That did it, I practically swooned.

Most of your role playing is fireman based of late.  The field trip to Nolan’s Uncle’s fire station made a huge impression on you.  A few days after the fact you stopped dead in your tracks at the top of the stairs and announced with vigor, “Mommy I am going to be a policeman, and a fireman just like Nolan’s Uncle.”  The statement was so out of the blue and so passionately delivered that I am sure I must have looked like a deer in the headlights and remained speechless, I mean how does a mommy respond to that?  Ryder told me that a few days later he overheard you telling Francis that you were going to be a fireman and an ice skater.  Perhaps your fireman has a sensitive side that only Francis is privy to.

Your profession and identity explorations are not limited to verbal announcements.  You have been wearing costumes almost non stop.  You seem to be most excited about the dalmatian costume – presumably because dalmatians are “fire dogs”.*  The power ranger costumes are often worn from morning till night as if they were regular clothing.  You don’t seem to have a good handle on what power rangers are, but they come from the “red planet” so that seems to be enough for you to go on.  The other day I found you painting your legs and arms with pink paint.  When I asked you what you were doing you replied, “I am going to be the pink power ranger this afternoon.”

Love + Mommy

* The golden gate bridge is now refered to as the “fire” bridge.  You have taken to correting people if they call it by it’s proper name.