The New Life Continuum

This morning our patched together house hold got up early and took a field trip to Cliff’s horse stables.  I learned how to hitch the trailer which Mattie pointed out is a transfer of family information that far surpasses any other information that Charlie could possibly impart (such as genealogy).  We all piled in the one SUV shared by the entire extended family and headed to the last open space in the city of San Jose.  Cliff bless his heart loaded the trailer with his lovingly turned year old composted manure, and taught me how to back up a trailer.

At about the same time Chris was in the throws of labor.  Elyse was born at 11:35 am.  These broad leaves sort of say it all.  This is a common weed growing in the Queen Anne’s lace, but gosh I have never seen leaves to expansive.  There is nothing like another new cousin to welcome in the spring.  We are rich in newborns – a rough position to be in I know.   They are each a blessing, each and every one of them.  Another life that will unravel around us.  Another joy to buoy my heart.

The horses were fantastic.  There are about 50 horses stabled here.  Each one has so much character.  Cliff was showing CJ’s horse to someone.  We learned that if you skritch a horse in the lee of the neck the horse will calm down, because this is where mama horses nibble on their babies.  I’m sure horse people know this, but  we were blinded by first timer wonder.  Cliff is a real cowboy.  The family is getting rid of this horse, black beauty becasue he/she is not comfortable with “roping”.  Not an issue I will have with any of the animals I share my life with, but a pretty valid concern when you are raising cowboys (Cliff has 4 comming up the ranks).

Look at that soft fuzzy nose!

The entrance bridge to the ranch crosses a real creek (I think this is Coyote Creek).  After a good tour of the horses Seth was ready to see the ducks again.  He “operated” the water for a while, then played Pooh Sticks, and eventually settled on surfing his necklace on the rapids.  Nothing like a creek around which one can be a little boy.  Note to self, we must do more time by running water!

Receiving the gift of carefully tended compost focused us for the spring ahead.  There is noting like a load of compost to galvanize everyone in a household to get the garden in order and prepare for the growing season ahead.  Not only does it give us a project to work on together, it brings out the joy in our hearts.  Many thanks to Cliff and his horses!