Visiting Violet

We spent the afternoon with Violet.  Seth was sweet and curious.  He attended both feeding sessions, and conversed with Judy in a very natural fashion.  He was helpful, fetched things, and relayed messages to uncle Cary in the other room.  Before sleep, Seth usually makes an attempt at last minute conversation with me by asking me, “so mommy, how was your day?”  This time I asked him how his day was.  This was his reply:

“My first favorite thing was the fire escape, my second favorite thing was the basement and my third favorite thing was baby Violet nursing.”

I guess safety comes first, always good to know where your escape routes are.  Provisions come second, it’s manly to haul laundry up and down the stairs, and of course it takes manly strength to shove the quarter sleigh into the dryer.  Nurturing seems to come last, but I am thankful that with Seth it is even a consideration ~ snarf.

Violet was actually awake when we first arrived and looked at us.  I was riveted by her big eyes.  I knew for a long instant she was trying to engage.  She was trying to get acquainted with us.  We were thrilled.

This was my first chance to really get to know Violet.  I found myself reviewing and re reviewing each profile.  Newborns put me in a primal focus zone.  I can’t just hold a newborn, I sense their essence and record what I feel.  It’s fun to see personalities unravel, but profound to see that basic essence permeate a lifespan.  I guess that’s why they call it the soul.  I think a family has a soul too.  Something that happens when offspring arrive.  Cary was waxing scientific/philosophic about how we are interrelated as an organic family, but I see “the circle unbroken” in these three.  The human spirit content.