WWseF Wrestle Mania Birthday Party

PART 1: The Pillow Fight

Pretty much the kids dog piled me about 52 times. Fortunately I had a whistle, and I could give my self time outs. The kids were all cool, and their enthusiasm was infectious. The trick was to make sure that they had a pillow in each hand. This way they can’t do much harm. Oh and keep your tongue out from between your teeth.

This is Austen surrendering for the dreaded Mommy Alis take down. Charlie was so thrilled by take downs that he kept returning and asking for more. I was so flattered because actually Charlie has never spoken to me before <g>.

I’m under here somewhere. The kids were actually really gentle and I had no problem extricating myself from the pile…unless Francis was involved. I don’t know what it is but he seems to have an adamant center of gravity and I just couldn’t shake him.

PART 2: Cupcakes

PART 3: Fairy Stone Hunt

As planned Seth directed the fairy stone hunt. He was thrilled to show his friends where to look. The piece of paper in his hand is the map that he drew on Monday.

PART 4: Presents and Beyond

A gift hug for Tia. Tia was smart and promoted her present so it actually got opened at the party.

Teresa and Owen’s present was of course hand decorated with incredible intricacy. I rescued all the torn bits of paper from the yard later to reconstruct the art with archival tape on the wall by Seth’s bed. Tia can apparently write all the letters, although she was clear on the fact that her parents told her which letters to write. Ah…the difference between boys and girls.

Quinn had a present agenda too. Even though he and his mom had bought a present, he insisted on giving Seth things that he chose from his room. This was a big hit with everyone. The box was not that big, but oh the wonders that emerged from it! The loot was never ending. Seth was going to slow, so at one point Quinn took over and started removing items and naming them, a bit like an auctioneer. This pretty much got the attention of every dude there and soon the present table was swamped. It was a bit like a birthday party swap meet, Seth’s kinda’ party!

Nolan gave Seth some golf clubs (presumably because Nolan likes an excuse to run around and whack things too). The boys immediately hijacked the clubs and made up a game of their own. Seth seemed to be happy spending the rest of the afternoon whacking the giant balls around the yard. I can’t think of a better way to burn of half a dozen strawberry cupcakes and spread the new found joy of being 4.